Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review | Snoe : Oh My Wash! The Movie Star Intimate Wash

At first I was not so sure if I should publish this post since I am kind of awkward about this product. I'm not even sure if people do review this kind of product since it's kind of private but I'll do my best to make a review about this since this is my first time reviewing for this kind of product. I'm talking about feminine wash guys. Personally I only buy feminine wash I see on the groceries or on TV because I feel they can be trusted and most women use them so why not use them also?

But unlike other women I don't use feminine was everyday. Why? Because I know someone who uses them everyday and hers got irritated so she went to the OB and asked why she felt uneasy and why did it et irritated when she's very meticulous in cleaning her area. The OB told her that it was very clean that's why it was irritated and when she told me that story I was like seriously? Our intimate area also needs some bacteria explanation kind of thing she told me so therefore I use it every other day but when my monthly period comes, I use it as often as I need it.

I prefer minty ones but the one I got reminds me of strawberry and the packaging is so cute! Pin up girls are always cute and sexy. But I don't like the design of the bottle because when the product's almost used up you need to position the bottle upside down to use the remains. I think it's easier to put the lid at the bottom so that the liquid will always be there so you don't need to wait for it to come down and use it. Just my opinion really.

You just need to put a little amount since it produces a lot like lots of bubbles.

Pros :
- 4 variants to choose from
- cute packaging

Cons :
- bit expensive compared to other brands
- bottle design in not ideal for the product

Almost all Snoe products are more expensive than the regular over the counter or drugstore brands maybe because they use more expensive ingredients? Also it's more than the average products so your money's really worth it. They produce safe products that use Philippine ingredients to help our community. When searching for a perfect product for you, sometimes you don't need to look afar or splurge on expensive brands, you just need to look at new products in the local market and try them yourself because we have different opinions about the products.

I suggest if you're really curious about Snoe and hesitant to buy online, go to their kiosk at Abreeza Mall Davao and ask their SA about what products they could suggest for your needs. I promise their SA's one of the best. They're so knowledgeable about each product and you know they underwent good training.

So this ends my Snoe journey for the month of July and hopefully this is just the beginning. See you!~

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Product Review | Snoe : Honey Dew Melon Yogurt Face & Body Powder

This review is the second to he last one I'm doing for Snoe and I repeat this is not a sponsored post though they gave me freebies to the event I attended, they did not compel me to write a review about it so rest assured my reviews are non biased.

I can't remember the last time I used body powder so I was a bit taken aback when I received a body powder that also serves as a face powder. For face powders, I use it every now and then but I always used the pressed one as to they are not messy and they're compact. I use it for events or whenever I like it because on a daily basis, I try as much as possible to use minimal makeup.

I think wearing thick makeup everyday does not only make your face look cakey but also your skin can't breathe which can cause breakout. There was a time this year that my skin was so bad like  breakouts everywhere on my face so I use a lot of BB cream + concealer + pressed powder combo which I know was really bad but I want to cover up my bad skin but recently I try my best to wear minimal makeup and I can see that my skin has less breakouts.

So I suggest for people who has breakouts, don't put too much makeup and try to see if your skin looks better. What I do during breakouts is that I just apply Avon day cream and Thai made cream which works wonders in my skin btw, lip tints then I'm good to go. Sometimes I also put powder on top so that dust won't penetrate on my skin. It's like a sheer cover for my face, also it lessens the oily feel.

I think the reason why some adults don't use baby powders anymore is that they think that they're exclusively for babies or maybe they're sick and tired of the powder smell? I'm not so sure because I really love the powder smell TUT

Body powders are perfect during summer since we sweat a lot and we don't want to smell sweat so body powders is a must during summer! Instead of smelling sweat you'll smell powdery, in this case you'll smell sweet melons. I swear their scents are familiar *cough VS and BBW* this scent reminds me of one of my favorite scents in BBW which was the cucumber melon.

Pros :
- powder is scented
- has 6 scents to choose from
- not heavy when applied
- 2 in 1 product; face and body powder
- expiry date can be seen at the bottom of the container

Cons :
- a bit expensive; Php 299 for 100ml
- packaging's a hassle

This product's a bit new to me considering it's not a baby powder but it's really intended for adults who wants to use a powder that would address their common skin problems in this case reduce redness. Different powders have different uses like one is ideal for tanned skin while others make your skin glow. You can check out the different powders I'm taking about at their official website. Also each powder has a different color and all of them has pastel colors which is cute. Lastly, I also like the fact that it has fragrance but it's not overpowering the powder but it compliments it.

I got this soap as a gift from attending their product launch. Other gifts will be featured here in my blog for the whole month of July as a sign of gratitude.

Don't forget to check out their site and other sns:

Official Website



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

JYJ : Back Seat MV + Album Download

Put you on my backseat~ Ever since I saw the MV hours ago and of course raped the replay button, I'll never look at the backseat the same ever again.  

I missed JYJ and I'm thankful that they made a comeback. Maybe this will be the last song Jae oppa will perform before he will enlist in the army and he will be missed.

JYJ never failed to own the song and I really love how their voices sync and make any song amazing. Is it me or whenever I hear Jae oppa sing it's as if he's moaning. Sorry for the byuntae mode but really. His voice is sexually attractive if that's even possible. The song's upbeat but it still emphasizes their wonderful voices. Whenever they dance, it reminds me of TVXQ days T____T. 

 I find the song sexy at the same time romantic. I think the song is all about lovers being comfortable with each other, in a sense that you don't need to be shy with your feelings, be open to me about it. Tell me on my backseat where no one can hear you but me like that kind of thing. There's also the assurance that in the backseat is our secret place where no one can judge you because I'm here for you all the way. Also, the lyrics are very detailed in a sense that you think the lyricist wrote a story not a song. For a visual person like me, I can imagine the lyrics in my mind because of the details.

At first you'll find the song easy to follow and good to hear but as you get to listen to it again you'll get addicted to it and I'm sure you'll click replay button again and again.
I'm excited to listen to their whole album and see if I'll have any more favorites. I'll cut my review short because I need to spazz on the whole album.

Download the whole album here. Don't forget to buy the physical album or in iTunes if you have extra money to support our JYJ oppas~!And download the HQ version of the MV in mp4 format here.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Product Review | Snoe : Scrumptious Body Spritz in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch

I'm back for a quick review about Snoe products. This time I'm going to talk about their Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch body spritz.

I have been a fan of cologne ever since I can remember, whenever my relatives in the US would ask me on what I want to receive as a gift, I always say cologne regardless of smell or brand. But as the years go by, I have my own favorite scents and brands but I always make it to a point to try different ones.

I prefer citrusy or clean scented ones during summer and flowery scents during rainy seasons. I admit I was not a fan of vanilla scent until my cousin gave me a small bottle of Anna Sui eau de toi and boy I was hooked. I really love the smell of sweet vanilla, I find it as a sweet scent with a hint of innocence. This scent somehow reminds me of BBW Vanilla Noel and their Brown Sugar series.

 I find their scents familiar yet there's this something new added to it. I recommend this scent to those people who are fond of sweet sugary scents as their cologne scent. I also like the fact that the smell stays on your body even after spraying it hours before though it's a but faint.

Pros :
- unique scents
- cheaper alternative to Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret cologne lovers
- long lasting scent
- back has a sticker with the ingredients on it in big font.

Cons :
- a bit expensive compared to drug store cologne brands (Php 249 - 299 each)
- has only 12 scents to choose from (according to their official website)

If I were still a fan of BBW and VS colognes, I would check this brand out as it's cheaper than the former brand and the scents are unique. Personally I'm interested in their melon scent because the powder counterpart smells really good. As much as I love imported products, it's not bad to support our own local brands which can par international brands one way or the other. I'm also excited on the future scents Snoe will produce soon.

I got this soap as a gift from attending their product launch. Other gifts will be featured here in my blog for the whole month of July as a sign of gratitude.

Don't forget to check out their site and other sns:

Official Website



Monday, July 21, 2014

Sistar : Touch my Body MV + Album Download

One of my most anticipated comeback is finally happening!!! Unlike their sexy sultry image in Give It to Me, Touch my Body has a similar vibe to Loving U. It's fun and has this summer vibe but Touch my Body is more sexy and colorful compared to Loving U. Sexy in a way that they wore sexy outfits and swimsuits yet I don't find it sexually attractive but I find it sexy and cute. Wow too many sexy in that statement~

As expected in Sistar, the more you listen to their song, the more you want to play it in repeat and I have been doing it as of the moment. I will listen to their whole album when I get sick of Touch my Body. HAHA

Bora is like a living Barbie Doll in this MV with her orange wavy beach lock and purple contacts. Makes me want to purchase purple contacts and see if I can be like her. Soon~ Since I recently purchased 3 lenses. Their mini album is really mini since it has only 6 tracks and you can download it here but please if you love Sistar so much, also buy their album. The HQ mp4 version of their MV can be downloaded here.

So I'll stop writing since I want to spazz more. See you soon yeorobun~~ <3
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