Friday, September 12, 2014

Team B : Wait for Me mp3

Finally Team B released their own song! I know some people look forward for Team B to be Ikon and I'm one of those people. When WIN was airing I was really torn between Team A aka WINNER and Team B. They have their strengths and weaknesses.  Team A has better vocals and their voices are much more distinct while Team B has good teamwork and their dance moves are not a joke.

Through Mix and Match, we'll learn who will be the last 4 members of iKon considering B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan are sure members of the group. So 6 trainess will battle out the last 4 spots and YG has no plans of letting the eliminated trainee debut under YG so it's like WIN all over again but harsher!

I really want Goo Joon Hee to debut. He has good vocals even though he joined YG because he's a good dancer but along his journey the teachers developed his vocals.
I don't have any biases for iKon yet aside from the 4 mentioned above because I want too see the show 1st then decide.

So here's an mp3 version of their single. 

Will watch it soon maybe when they have 3 episodes already?  I'm currently busy watching Superman is Back and rewatching Arashi shows while trying to continue my last sequel of my fanfic in  

Enjoy yeorobun~~

Monday, September 08, 2014

Event | 2014 Mindanao Beauty Expo

I have an exciting news to beauty enthusiasts here in Davao City! On September 15,2014, Davao will experience MBEX or also known as Mindanao Beauty Expo. It will be held at NCCC Mall, Matina Activity Area from 10am to 5pm.

Various seminars, exhibits and demos will be conducted.  What I really like about expos is that experts from their line of expertise gather together and share their knowledge to those people who are willing to learn. And I believe these experts would be more than willing to answer your questions if you'll attend the event or series of events.

This will be my first beauty expo if I'll join so I'm excited and hopefully I can give away tickets so I'll give you an update about that one. I don't know what to expect but I think it will be fun since you'll talk about beauty the whole day, how to enhance oneself is not a crime honey. Talking to experts and learning various jargons and techniques about beauty is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. 

Seminars on:
Kerabond using Keratin Premium
Renew Keratin Blowout with Color
Botanique color collection Mocca, Caffe, Latte
Botanique 3 – in – 1 color Rebond with Botanique Keratin
Digital Perm with Color
Botanique Graduated Bob Cut
AhGlow Rebonding and Keratin Blowout
Brazilian Blowout Look|Listen|Learn
Fabulash Eyelash Extension
Balayagé Hair Coloring

Career Development Talks
Job Fare Recruitment

If you're interested,  you can purchase a ticket worth PHP100 but it comes with a certificate and freebies so I guess it's worth it.I promise I'll share my notes if ever I'll go there. See you there!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

WINNER / MINO : I'm Him MV + mp4 download

Annyeong innercircle chingus! Our Mino Mino doMino released his first solo MV entitled I'm Him. I really like his voice, reminds me of TOP but still has his unique flavor.

Most of my fave songs in their debut album starts with him singing, not only his voice's suitable for rap but also for singing. But that was not the main reason why he's one of my bias in Winner it's because of his dorkiness and goofiness during their reality show days. And maybe because he's like TOP x GD swag fusion.

 I'm Jinwoo and Mino biased as of the moment but I can't rank them like my Winner bias meter is Ultimate bias then bias. Haha.

The video's cute and swag at the same time. It's like the swag version of Happy by 2NE1. Winner also made a cameo which I think is cute considering this is Mino's solo debut.

Enjoy the video and it would really make me happy if inner circle chingus would comment or share your thoughts.

You can download the 720p and 1080p version here.

I ordered my Winner album at Korean Cravings. I requested for the Black Limited Version, hopefully unnie can acquire it because I don't want other versions. If you have time, please do check out her shop. She's very nice and she ships worldwide! Did I mention she's one of the most affordable Korean online shops that sell albums?

What are you waiting for? Visit

This is not a sponsored post nor I get commissions when you buy from her. I'm endorsing her because I can guarantee great services and legitimate merchandise.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Product Review | Ettusais : BB Mineral Cream #10


Hello! I'm back!! Actually I have a couple of reviews on standby BUT I can't write any post about it. Photos were uploaded and I have an idea on what to write but I can't think of other ways to make my posts more interesting to you guys. Any suggestions? Comments are welcomed.

Moving on, as much as I want to jump into the bandwagon of using CC cream, I can't because I have 2 BB creams as of the moment and I just used the 2nd bottle recently even though the 1st bottle's not yet finished. The main reason as to why I have purchased this is specific BB cream is because of Miss Tricia Gosingtian. Haha. There. End of blog post. Done. Kidding.  


My other BB cream from Etude was the shimmery type and sometimes I do hate using it because I find my skin too oily looking even though I have dry skin. This one by Ettusais is the matte type and it has 3 different shades. Some BB creams I know only have 2 shades so this one's better. I bought the #10 which is the lightest shade. It's closer to my skin tone compared to #20, btw I have the yellowish chinese skintone. 

*please refer to their official website to view more of their products and see the other shades of this BB cream. 

I bought it at BHG Bugis since it's not available here in Davao but I think it's available in Manila. I was also suppose to buy their powder but a day before I bought Majolica Majorca powder which was on sale so I just bought the BB cream. It's more expensive than Etude since it is a Japanese product. Japanese cosmetics costs more than Korean ones btw. It's a bit small for its price, 40g for 38SGD.

I also saw their site before hand and one of the things that triggered me to buy this is it's 79% made of skincare ingredients,   which I think has a higher percentage compared to other brands? So it does not only cover your blemishes but it also let your skin be pampered at the same time. Please take note that BB creams have a thin coverage which means blemishes like dark spots or freckles are not totally covered. Yes it lightens but it does not do what concealers do. But I think BB cream is great for everyday use, well I do.

Product Overview :
- 40g
- Made in Japan
- SPF 30++
- Made up of 79% skincare ingredients
- Contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin

Pros :
- matte type
- no fragrance
- keeps face oil free
- has 3 shades
Cons :
- a bit expensive
- not available in Davao
One of the best BB creams I have used so far and if given the chance, I would also like to try their concealer or press powder and see maybe it will really make my skin look flawless. It may be a bit expensive compared to other brands but it's good so why not spend more? It's not every month you'll buy BB creams right? On days when I'll go out from afternoon till night or for events, I use this BB cream with my tinted moisturizer so thicker coverage than the usual but on ordinary days, I just use this as is.

 Selcas of me wearing the said product ^_^\/

This is not a sponsored post.

* I changed my blog layout. Is it better this way? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BTS : Danger MV + Dark and Wild Album Download

Wowowowow. Just saw BTS' s newest MV and I must say it will be a big hit. Haha. Double meaning? Yes yes. Is it me or old school music is coming back? Their newest MV is nothing like their previous ones, this one's more powerful, it's not not purely hip hop there's but a hit of rock there's still BTS flavour to it. You can hear

Bad boy x Hip Hop combo = good looking BTS rocking leather outfits. The song's more of rap than singing but still it's good. As always BTS never fails us with their complex choreography and their timing's impeccable. Last trending song title was Back, now it's Danger?

Kookie playing piano in the beginning was amazing. I mean can this golden maknae be more talented?  It should be platinum maknae already. He can sing / rap / dance / dance ala girl group / plays piano / ultra kawaii, what more can I ask for? It is obvious he's my bias in Bangtan? But I still stan the whole group so don't bash.

I missed their showcase last night but I think it was really good since some of my kpop friends flooded my newsfeed saying how BTS was so good. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy of their showcase. Maybe post them here if you're interested?

It's their 1st full length album so co Army please do support our hardworking boys by voting for them and purchasing their album. Until then, pyong~

BTS - Dark and Wild album

BTS - Danger mp4

Sorry for the super short update, I'm experiencing writer's block as of the moment so I can't post an new post on this blog. 

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