Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Product Review | Ettusais : BB Mineral Cream #10


Hello! I'm back!! Actually I have a couple of reviews on standby BUT I can't write any post about it. Photos were uploaded and I have an idea on what to write but I can't think of other ways to make my posts more interesting to you guys. Any suggestions? Comments are welcomed.

Moving on, as much as I want to jump into the bandwagon of using CC cream, I can't because I have 2 BB creams as of the moment and I just used the 2nd bottle recently even though the 1st bottle's not yet finished. The main reason as to why I have purchased this is specific BB cream is because of Miss Tricia Gosingtian. Haha. There. End of blog post. Done. Kidding.  


My other BB cream from Etude was the shimmery type and sometimes I do hate using it because I find my skin too oily looking even though I have dry skin. This one by Ettusais is the matte type and it has 3 different shades. Some BB creams I know only have 2 shades so this one's better. I bought the #10 which is the lightest shade. It's closer to my skin tone compared to #20, btw I have the yellowish chinese skintone. 

*please refer to their official website to view more of their products and see the other shades of this BB cream. 

I bought it at BHG Bugis since it's not available here in Davao but I think it's available in Manila. I was also suppose to buy their powder but a day before I bought Majolica Majorca powder which was on sale so I just bought the BB cream. It's more expensive than Etude since it is a Japanese product. Japanese cosmetics costs more than Korean ones btw. It's a bit small for its price, 40g for 38SGD.

I also saw their site before hand and one of the things that triggered me to buy this is it's 79% made of skincare ingredients,   which I think has a higher percentage compared to other brands? So it does not only cover your blemishes but it also let your skin be pampered at the same time. Please take note that BB creams have a thin coverage which means blemishes like dark spots or freckles are not totally covered. Yes it lightens but it does not do what concealers do. But I think BB cream is great for everyday use, well I do.

Product Overview :
- 40g
- Made in Japan
- SPF 30++
- Made up of 79% skincare ingredients
- Contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin

Pros :
- matte type
- no fragrance
- keeps face oil free
- has 3 shades
Cons :
- a bit expensive
- not available in Davao
One of the best BB creams I have used so far and if given the chance, I would also like to try their concealer or press powder and see maybe it will really make my skin look flawless. It may be a bit expensive compared to other brands but it's good so why not spend more? It's not every month you'll buy BB creams right? On days when I'll go out from afternoon till night or for events, I use this BB cream with my tinted moisturizer so thicker coverage than the usual but on ordinary days, I just use this as is.

 Selcas of me wearing the said product ^_^\/

This is not a sponsored post.

* I changed my blog layout. Is it better this way? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BTS : Danger MV + Dark and Wild Album Download

Wowowowow. Just saw BTS' s newest MV and I must say it will be a big hit. Haha. Double meaning? Yes yes. Is it me or old school music is coming back? Their newest MV is nothing like their previous ones, this one's more powerful, it's not not purely hip hop there's but a hit of rock there's still BTS flavour to it. You can hear

Bad boy x Hip Hop combo = good looking BTS rocking leather outfits. The song's more of rap than singing but still it's good. As always BTS never fails us with their complex choreography and their timing's impeccable. Last trending song title was Back, now it's Danger?

Kookie playing piano in the beginning was amazing. I mean can this golden maknae be more talented?  It should be platinum maknae already. He can sing / rap / dance / dance ala girl group / plays piano / ultra kawaii, what more can I ask for? It is obvious he's my bias in Bangtan? But I still stan the whole group so don't bash.

I missed their showcase last night but I think it was really good since some of my kpop friends flooded my newsfeed saying how BTS was so good. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy of their showcase. Maybe post them here if you're interested?

It's their 1st full length album so co Army please do support our hardworking boys by voting for them and purchasing their album. Until then, pyong~

BTS - Dark and Wild album

BTS - Danger mp4

Sorry for the super short update, I'm experiencing writer's block as of the moment so I can't post an new post on this blog. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WINNER : Empty MV + Color Ring MV + 2014 S/S Album Download

After almost a year of waiting, WINNER debuted!  My feels for them were very strong on 2013 hoping they would debut the next year during the 1st quarter but then again as we all know Papa YG is one hell of a troll so he decided to push back their debut. But every YG artist I believe is worth the wait because Papa YG pushes them to do their best and I think WINNER would be one of the best rookies out their since their debut album is a product of their hardwork. 

During their WIN days, I'm not a fan of them at first because they don't have an ounce of teamwork like their 5 individuals forced to form a group. I was more of a Team B noona fan that time since their style screams YG (hiphop upgraded version of their dancing skills). We must admit Team B dances better as a group compared to A but Team A's voices are distinct and unique compared to Team B. 

That was my dilemma during the half of the show, I was even wishing that YG would just let them all debut and make a big group like EXO. HAHA. Imagine YG's expenses when all 11 of them will wear expensive clothes since we all know how fashionable YG coordi noonas / oppas are. 

I have a lot to say but I'll cut it short since you're here for the MV not for my rant and feels. Enjoy my fellow inner circle chingus~ Comments, Suggestions or Random comments are welcome.

credits to : WINNER

NO time to write a long post since I'm busy spazzing over them.

You guys can download the HQ versions of their MV in mp4 format : Empty + Color Ring while the full album download here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fashion | So So

 photo anigif_zpsb4db8b0a.gif

One of the must have item in your closet is a denim dress. It's timeless and you can wear it on any season. But I think it's perfect during summer. Denim dresses are ragged yet can still make you dainty if paired up with cute florals or paisley pieces. Denim is a timeless piece so investing in a good denim is wise.

For this outfit, I can't remember where I got this dress because it has been with me for years. But I think my mom bought it for me. It's reversible but I always use the denim side. It's cotton with a denim color so I am wear it during our summer which I say still exists even in August. Second half of the year was suppose to be rainy season but we have a bipolar weather so in the morning until afternoon it's sunny while in the evening it rains like cats and dogs.

I paired it off with my doc martens inspired paisley boots to complete my ragged look and for a hint of daintiness, I wore loose socks which I got from Isetan for 7 SGD. My dad once told me why was I wearing old loose socks that I should buy a new one but he didn't know that it was the trend, cute right?

I always and will believe denim looks better with brown and white thus the brown Burberry bucket bag. After the purchase, I only discovered that it was featured in Man from the stars but in white color. That was the reason why the Korean lady before us bought the black version of this bag. It's my current favorite bag as of the moment because it's 2 in 1.

Also instead of boring photos, I decided to try make a gif out of it and I never knew it would that easy and fun. Is it better this way? Comments are greatly appreciated. Don't forget to hype up and be my fan of lookbook, I'll fan you back (^-^~)\/

Dress : Gift | Belt (not shown) : Esprit | Boots : Bugis | Socks : Isetan | Bag : Burberry

*sorry for the mini hiatus because my body clock's adjusting because of work, when I get home I eat, read a little then sleep. no more time to think what to post but will post a review this week hopefully.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review | Snoe : Oh My Wash! The Movie Star Intimate Wash

At first I was not so sure if I should publish this post since I am kind of awkward about this product. I'm not even sure if people do review this kind of product since it's kind of private but I'll do my best to make a review about this since this is my first time reviewing for this kind of product. I'm talking about feminine wash guys. Personally I only buy feminine wash I see on the groceries or on TV because I feel they can be trusted and most women use them so why not use them also?

But unlike other women I don't use feminine was everyday. Why? Because I know someone who uses them everyday and hers got irritated so she went to the OB and asked why she felt uneasy and why did it et irritated when she's very meticulous in cleaning her area. The OB told her that it was very clean that's why it was irritated and when she told me that story I was like seriously? Our intimate area also needs some bacteria explanation kind of thing she told me so therefore I use it every other day but when my monthly period comes, I use it as often as I need it.

I prefer minty ones but the one I got reminds me of strawberry and the packaging is so cute! Pin up girls are always cute and sexy. But I don't like the design of the bottle because when the product's almost used up you need to position the bottle upside down to use the remains. I think it's easier to put the lid at the bottom so that the liquid will always be there so you don't need to wait for it to come down and use it. Just my opinion really.

You just need to put a little amount since it produces a lot like lots of bubbles.

Pros :
- 4 variants to choose from
- cute packaging

Cons :
- bit expensive compared to other brands
- bottle design in not ideal for the product

Almost all Snoe products are more expensive than the regular over the counter or drugstore brands maybe because they use more expensive ingredients? Also it's more than the average products so your money's really worth it. They produce safe products that use Philippine ingredients to help our community. When searching for a perfect product for you, sometimes you don't need to look afar or splurge on expensive brands, you just need to look at new products in the local market and try them yourself because we have different opinions about the products.

I suggest if you're really curious about Snoe and hesitant to buy online, go to their kiosk at Abreeza Mall Davao and ask their SA about what products they could suggest for your needs. I promise their SA's one of the best. They're so knowledgeable about each product and you know they underwent good training.

So this ends my Snoe journey for the month of July and hopefully this is just the beginning. See you!~

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