Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Makeup like a PRO : Summer Beauty Workshop

Hello everyone!  So last Sunday, I attended a summer beauty workshop here in Davao. The mentor is no other than Micah Zurita, she's an experienced trainer and makeup artist. She's a graduate of Maquillage Professional, which proves she knows what she's doing and she's good at it. Miss Micah is an experienced make up artist and the reason why she likes to do workshops is to share her knowledge to newbies like us because she was once a newbie so she can relate. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Better Late than Never


Jeggings was introduced to the public in 2010 and became famous because people want jeans tighter than skinny jeans thus jeggings was born. I was not a fan of jeggings and was wondering why people and celebrities make a fuss about it, I find it ridiculous combining the 2 fashion items. About 2 years ago, I always wear skinny jeans in going to school on Wednesdays (not always, most of the time)because it's the it thing but I read that skinny jeans doesn't make you skinny. 
The article said skinny jeans were made for skinny people and sadly I'm not one of them. I'm more on the plump side since birth. But you can cheat your way by wearing long blouses. By wearing long blouses, about mid thigh length, you can create an illusion of skinny legs but it makes you look shorter.

Moving on to my main topic, recently when my mom purchased a uniqlo skinny jeans thinking it was her right size but sadly it was too big for her. My mom is skinny btw. Petite and skinny. For a 50 year old, she has a size 25 waistline. So she decided to give the jeggings to me and I thought why not give it a try? I'm not a fan of pants unless the place requires me to wear one. (I'm more of a shorts x shirt combo type of girl. ) And I fell in love with jeggings, now I know why girls like it. It's the most comfortable thing you can wear specially when traveling. 

These oven days as they say it, I wear jeggings when going out. As much as I hate it, because it's a bit hot compared to wearing shorts, I'm afraid of burning my legs, seriously! The heat is so naganvskshsi. For short, words can't explain what I feel. Haha. So, what do you think about jeggings? As of the moment, it's one of my best friends because it's comfortable and fashionable in some ways.

Top : Lucid May | Bottom : No brand jeggings | Sneakers : Marithé + François Girbaud |
  Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelet : Tory Burch | Ring : Bvlgari

I'm back with my fashion portion. This post may look boring but nowadays, I wear something that is comfortable. My mini studio looks better right? Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

See you. Ja ne~ 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Review | Lucido-L : Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil

I'm back with an awesome product that is considered a must have in your beauty kit. Was there a time wherein you can't comb your hair due to extreme frizz? Your hair looks dry and lifeless as a zombie? Well, better read this post to find out the best solution for your needs.

Monday, March 03, 2014

2NE1 : Happy and Comeback Home MV

Our Queens released 2 MVs today! Yay! Happy and Comeback Home. 2 totally different songs but still 2NE1 can rock it.

The first one released was Happy. The song and the MV really lived up to its name, it makes you happy. The MV has a Japanese feel with their colorful fashion which I believe is inspired by Harajuku fashion. The stickers looked like they came straight from a purikura machine. Now I miss Japanese culture.

The clothes and the hair have a Japanese feel but it feels the venue's in America I believe? There was even a special cameo by one of friends, Jeremy Scott. Wow. I think almost all their ensembles are from JS because it screams him.

Friday, February 28, 2014

SNSD : Mr. Mr | MV and Download Album

Days ago,the other Queens, SNSD released their mini Album entitled Mr.Mr and minutes ago they released the MV. The song Mr.Mr is not that catchy and upbeat unlike I Got A Boy but as you replay the song you'll be singing it especially the part Mr.Mr. I'm not a huge fan of SNSD but I listen to their songs and I must admit they have good songs, I'm not sure if this song will be as popular as IGAB but you can sense that SNSD owns this song. The dance moves and the MV are totally different from IGAB so you have been warned.

The MV's so SNSD. So pink, girly yet sexy at the same time. They look like barbies when they wear pink clothes or Elle Wood in real life. The aura's totally totally different from their previous ones. So enjoy the MV and comment your feels below.

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